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First Blog

Today, I finally did it, I went to Michael's and I bought my own drawing set, I think I needed a hobby to keep my mind busy and give a meaning to my life, I been doing the same routine for a couple of years and since I started my new job, in a bizarre opportunity, I was asked to draw some coat of arms for a couple of flags, I won't lie, it took me by surprise and I didn't think I could do it because its been a while since I drew something, at least more than 6 years. However I took the challenge and I agreed to draw the coat of arms for a few flags in a uneven wall that it was hard to draw on, Dude, I was excited at first because while I was drawing I was being praised by people who knew how to draw and paint, throughout the whole time I started working with them, I noticed their talent was beyond mine. 

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